Monday, October 4, 2010


I just came back from my road trip from KK all the way to Tawau just yesterday and it feels heavenly to be home. Im not saying that traveling is not interesting but as you move from one place to another you noticed that a lot of things is also not in order the way you usually had it…such as how they locate the lounge table or…how about that iron board that shouldn’t be there and just how about that baby basin that just hang over your head while doing your business in the toilet.

Moving from one relative house to another I have a lot of schemes in my head of what I would do if it happens to be my house including placing an anti-slippery floor cover also the best place to hang basins and even the schedule time for rubbish collecting.

No…im not saying that other’s is not as meticulous as I am…im saying how freaky I am in fighting dirt and dust….and Dust happens to be my worst enemy.
I am not much of a grooming person but when it comes to make your surrounding comfortable you can call me the ‘Dust- Buster’, I always had this saying which I quoted from Madonna ‘ Cleanliness is next to Godliness’...would you agree?

Above all places…Toilet has became my main focus…not shower room, not the lounge or balcony or the dressing room…but the Toilet.
To me…it is surprising when you could get so comfortable in your toilet until you could even sleep in it.

I am not so sure what Psychologist has to relate to the matter of toilet and character but based from my observation (a.k.a Assumption)…it has something to do with a lot of feelings…(see below)
To see a toilet in your dream, symbolizes a release of emotions. You need to get rid of something in your life that is useless. Seeing a toilet in your dream may also be a physical manifestation brought about by a full bladder. The dream is attempting to get you up and to the bathroom. If you are cleaning the toilet, then it means that you are starting to shed your outer wall or lose your inhibitions.
To see a clogged toilet in your dream, suggests that you are holding and keeping your feelings to yourself. Your emotions have been pent up too long and you need to let go of the negative feelings.
To see an overflowing or flooded toilet in your dream, denotes your desires to fully express your emotions

Surprisingly I survived 9 days and 8 nights without my own toilet…so you can tell how much repressed emotions I had…LOL!

And therefore ladies and gentlemen I strongly urge everyone to enhance the comfort of your own toilet as I believe a clean and convenient toilet is a symbol of healthy emotion release….(i know how it sounds…)…well yeah defecating is about the release of something right!’s removing of toxic from our body and so is releasing negative emotion from our mind.

I probably sound like a toilet expert but folks…but this might be something you want to look into as the coming of new year in 2 months time J…time to scrub off that dirts in the johnny …darlings!


  1. Mind-blowing. Our marketing team needs ppl like you who can provide such a piece of advice.

  2. that i have no job...obviously they don't try to make me stay put eh!...

  3. interesting..yup..u can tell the cleanliness level of the tuan rumah, from their toilet! nice post! keep it up fren!!