Sunday, August 15, 2010

There is nothing wrong about chasing happiness…

Though at times it appear like we are trying to dodge away from difficulties while doing it.
Others may think we are trying to avoid something
Afraid to face challenges even truth and hideaway into the horizon of peacefulness…

Some regard it as being lazy
Secluded in a quiet place with cherries, chrysanthemum and apple pie!...

But, I mean this is chasing happiness in reality…not some kind of mental infestation of mere idyllic pure imagination.

This is going out to meet the sun, the rain, the nasty people, and the hurt and be happy about it.

Although others perspectives might bring you down but  this is really about working your way through difficulties and come out alive, happy, healthy and still with love and compassion…pure ones.

And though this may seem as a weakness; giving away something to benefit others….giving away our opportunity just to chase our happiness of mind…but at least it is not smeared with hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is the meanest enemy in good relationship and so I’m going out and find my liberty in chasing happiness!

and...well... i'm gone find it :) :) :)

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