Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...and why do we agree to fall into anger regardless how distressing it was.

...maybe they have good memory of that person...and perhaps...just perhaps they don't know him per today this very day whereby days and years have changed and turns himself of yesterday to be simply a vivid yet distant memory of yesteryears...but i know him from a different angle when i saw a different part of him where darkness creeps and emotion running high when a mistake can never undone and leave a memory of undisclosed tragedy.

We all may related to one reason, Anger ; undeniably gives us a sense of relief and satisfaction. To no doubt, relief and satisfaction is a good thing, is a sort of accomplishment to a project. And yet, it connects us to Anger. It become a bridge between our freedom of relief to the negative energy of Anger. Needless to say how disastrous the result of Anger can do to a human towards his social level and to his own character.

So why do we need relief and satisfaction at the first place? Why do we lead and chart our path to go to that direction whereby we need to get angry to release and gives freedom to our emotion needs. 
Lets go back to the time when we put ourself in a position why we need to felt some kind of Relief. The very reason why we get relieved from something is that when we felt that we are being suppressed by a distant power that we know or at least felt have no power to change or to alter the situation. Say like when we were talking to someone who we dislike or more like 'hate', and why do we hate them? They did something to us, they hurt our feelings, they talk behind our back or worst they took something extremely valuable from us. When we encounter such individuals; and to maintain a professional based relationship we ought to speak in a polite manner with very little emotion involve. However, it is to no deny that a sense of restriction is overpowering us deep within. And this is when the need to a release comes into our senses. The same principle also goes to the stress of work whereby you are 'Paid' to achieve an expected result and this caused our creative mind or feeling bound and tied up deep inside in regards to our need to be in a vacation or to be with our loved ones. The fact that we are sitting and trying accomplish a result for someone else benefit, is to no denial is never the good timing of our life. Therefore we need to let go.

We then get angry and we are satisfied when all the negative flow of restriction in our heart and mind has been released by the power of Anger. But how can we resist a sort of satisfaction anytime possible?. It is a good thing it may even promotes a sense of positivity as it feels good, a kind of feeling of bad,evil sentiment slowly released through our veins and muscles(at least by theory), how can we resist such chances?
Somehow where do we go from there?,to someone who notice and Anger is nothing but a culprit that will jeopardize their reputation they will want to figure out why and how one could trapped their own self to a situation of restriction until Anger bursting seems to be the right solution.

A person will only feel free from any restriction if their hearts lies a technique of 'Forgiving'. A sense of forgiveness will surely release a person from any situation that requires them to suppressed their high emotion on hatred,stressed and even bitterness. Literally it may seems easier to relate however it is easier said than done.

Forgiveness comes from pure willingness to let the other party win and challenge our kindness,integrity and patient. In this era a lot of people would go to great lengths to put their point across. To give in is to dismiss a challenge. Yet, it is either we choose forgiveness before anger sets in an becoming apart of us.

Though I lay you the facts on how a person can fall in to Anger, I could not yet illustrate via observation,from reading absorption and from wits ends deep inside to the subject of Forgiveness.

well..Happy reflection folks may you'll be inspired and discovered the true meaning of Forgiveness.


  1. Hi Nurmalina.. I think it's very well written. I used to like reading books from Buddha teaching. But I don't actually like the karma concept. Maybe it's a way of accepting things. However, I watched a movie of 7 years in Tibet. In there, I sorta like the depiction of how we regard any other living beings as our ancestor. If that is karma, then it is well received. Anyway, about anger maybe it's an energy that transfers. And the best thing to do apart from turning something bad to good is to keep in peace. Winning is not about victory but to be able to accept oneself. And to leave a legacy. I mean that perhaps a sense of giving, and charity and peace. We all live in accord by rules, if they see this. Kindness, as to the utmost being, then this is karma, the whole world witness and we can come down to mutuality.

  2. deeeiii...full name...haha!Thx!
    i love writing with substance as much as i like talking with body language...i believe that anger is somehow part of life...and Economy...anything related to money is probably the sources for afraid there is probably no way around it...human isn't getting any much as economy and im afraid this effect the world environment too...