Tuesday, June 8, 2010

best story i had this week...

I was ready to get angry, when my husband starts with story about a normal guy molested a retarded girl.

It was a great real story and it starts bleak, yet my husband continues on. It happened to his friend’s neighborhood and I personally know this friend myself. He was courageous, short-tempered and amorous…literally speaking. His wife is a full time house wife and close to their neighborhood members. On this particular day she and her other neighbors noticed the girl went into this evil guy apartment. They discussed and decided to investigate. When they check on him at his doorway and ask him, he disregard it and they could not locate the girl’s sandal. But!. They insisted. Together with other neighbors they all went into the apartment and found the girl inside the room with her outfit in a mess. They started to questioned him after several refusal he admitted to molested the girl.

I was already angry at this time but my husband continued to the BEST part. This friend started to ask this evil ‘shit’ why he do what he did. His reply is such a snap of ‘So What.” And ‘BAM’ one shot on the face with bleeding nose and shattered dignity.

That is good. I was relief…God is Good! ..creating such righteous human being. He was never perfect but what he did is a cry for people who believe in judgment.

Then, my husband continues his story from good…to better. Their other neighbor is a soldier and when the news spread out, another kick on the abdomen and the ‘shithead’ passed out…Boy!i Love Good Stories!!!

Well the aftermath is the shithead stays 5 Free complimentary nights at the police station with another promise from the police that he would get some kind of ‘lesson’ during his time at the lockup.

But to me, the significant part of the story is the cooperation among the neighborhood, the compassion for each other adversity through different races and religion in a simple and average-wage apartment tenants.

The trust, the care and the courage to stand up for Truth and Justice.

don’t you just love Happy Ending?...i do.

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