Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to love is to give is to earn

"why i can't give..."

Stingy people will never be rich. Due to their poor mentality state of mind that they are not sharing since it is not even enough for their ownself. Forever they are bound to the mindset of 'not enough' and it will held them down from going to extra length to find more resources.
Stingy people comes from different angle ; physically rich and even poor .

Generous people who loves to give will be rich. Literally through physical and mental. To give more they need more so they will always look for more resources to be able to sustain their loved ones.
Rich people has a lot of people to love. Poor people has few people that they love very much within their arms reach and not universal.

Poor people life are lonely and little and therefore poor people is not genuinely happy people.
So money CAN give you happiness. Contrary to the popular belief that money is the root of all Evil.
Money offers solution, network and teamwork and even cherish and love. Perhaps too much money is disastrous but, with the right principle and excellent value you can never go wrong.

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