Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 onwards...

didn't i told you about the broadband..the wishes i got this year, well so far three of them is on the way, one has been canceled and so i pretty much cover it all.
things probably don't always happen the way you want it but, you can always count on this saying 'Ask. and you shall be given"
who cares if it does'n t happen at the exact expected time. You'll get there somehow, and who cares if its perfect...well no one but you.
So all i gotta say is cannot impress anybody dude...but yourself.
No one's gonna please you.
No one's gonna make it perfect for you, but you.

so when i ask for black and i get brown. Im just gonna have to take it. Its life. I doesn't always happen the way you want it.
surely something will fall from the sky or emerge from the ground and stand in your way. While your victory is on the other may start be thinking..."you know the grass is greener on the other side see..."
folks do not fail to see one miracle out of such adversity that is ; every disadvantages is a blessing in disguise

well, maybe that Digi broadband is not as good as Celcom and its yellow instead of blue...but heck! its working and not just its better than nothing.
It is making the BEST out of everything!

Well...i have 3 projects on the way and 1 has been canceled, But it has been replaced by another thing. Its Larger, its Bigger, Its Harder, Its Better.
not a well-paid mundane job as i wished before but this time its going to be something that i would consider a life achievement. It will reward my loved ones, it will make my whining cease and surely it will make me a complete person.

Im gonna throw myself into a rabbit hole and comes out with a 'risk-full' ambition and i will do all the crazy ideas, do all the meticulous effort happy doing it!

I picture myself in my pyjama and glasses and hot nescafe(or cold...)with 1 big bottle of water and in my air-condition room. Every once a week i will go down to my happy lane at HSBC normal route and cash in my money. Then, im gonna buy that Acer dekstop that my current company just bought and exactly the same inventories...the monitor,that fancy keyboard with volume control, then that flat and 'wide-angle' monitor and that tiny CPU. Exactly the same.
Then, i will travel on annual basis to Danum Valley occasionally to Kinabalu Park, Poring and Tambunan and Kiulu and all those places where trees grow green and birds whistle a song.
Then, i will be too busy even to shop. I will have maid coming 3 times a week to clean my house and my in law may visit my kids on day trip.
We will reward ourselves with good restaurant and fancy hobbies, i will become an amateur photographer and i will have more money to buy lenses!.
Of course i will be my complete character. I have time, space and liberty for 5 times a day routine. I can go to  Quran classes i even have time to join the lecture at MUIS every once a week.
Most importantly sooner or later i will move into a new house with a garden. I will have a cabin at Kundasang and grow my own broccoli.

Its because, there is no age limit for the path that i have choose. There is no barrier of senility and absolutely im going to have enough money for retirement.
I will be old and small...but my oh i Happy!

So...wish me well and trust in me.
Everything is possible, with the right mind, the right tool and the right attitude!

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