Thursday, July 29, 2010

When we all say that we’re okay...

Do we really mean it?. Maybe we do…but do we really felt that way, maybe we do?..or don’t.

I have noticed; after a few successful spontaneous projects (such as taking a sudden leave from work and made the event meaningful)that I am good at planning and scheming.
Now I have a lot of plans and projects in my mind, I do write it into paper or at least save the documents in my desktop, and honestly it makes me feel good! How can you not if you know what you’re going to do next and not heading into confusion and unwanted surprise J
But,… do I really live up to that plans?...maybe yes, maybe not.
So, for me at times I’m feeling okay and I told others I do…simply because I’m making plans and I thought I can always go back those list and simply execute on my next action…but is it easy?...maybe yes, maybe not.
So…we could be telling others what we thought we know…what we couldn’t tell others is what we really know because it will simply damage our reputation or simply brings everybody down….
Not many people like the naked truth…that’s why it doesn’t happen often.
But I guess at times like this, when we doubt our own answer towards others and we doubt our own decision, choices and ability…we may need to stop thinking for awhile, stop justifying and simply sooth our self that, we have seen this challenges before…what did we do about it, maybe we can’t remember…but what’s important is that. We are still here.
So live this moment folks!...nobody says its gonna be easy J ; Life is.
Just as much as a baby sees the world as frightening but full of surprises…we could took example of their spirit…we used to be like that…but in time we forget due to hectic daily activities, we forgotten to regard the world as simply a place to learn, to fall, to cry, to be scared, to laugh, to trust, to strive through.
And I look at my daughter…I can’t help but smile and slowly the realization starts to creeps into me that…with courage…anything is possible!
God Bless All!