Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We all get nervous sometimes...

Nervous not only during crucial time, or during panic circumstances, not just only when we fell in love.
Not only when we are anticipating; some good ol’ thing.

To some extend, we could get nervous even when we are about to meet our epitome of grief.
A darkness feeling creeps over our soul and attacks our conscious, causing us to judge in imbalance and causing misconception, misunderstanding even distrust.

At other times these fear of grief and disappointment drag us to become so alone in our mind with all useless thoughts of vengeance and hatred.
Caused us to misjudged the situation and pull us deeper into a world of depression.
Sometimes makes us lazy, sometimes makes us Indifferent.

It even convinces us that we become a person that could never able to forgive and forget.
It makes us blame ourself, blame our parents, how we were brought up…other times makes us doubt at our own kindness and integrity.
Makes us even hate and hurt our ownself.

Due to mix feeling of guilty and confusion, it creates a new personality for us.
A nervous, tactless and helpless individual.
Sad and alone,
Abandoned and left out in this huge planet.

Not lost yet; full of hopes, unreachable, wishful.

with GOD’S help, I believe we could find our way out from this cave.
From the grip of this Relic of uncomfortable ness.

Maybe we can just linger in our determination.
Not feeling any guilt.
Silently wipe off the comments behind..
Persistent in our goals.

That will solve all our issue and curiosity.
Giving us a good night sleep.
A satisfying working day.
A laughing family.

What more could I ask for.
By clearing out these weeds from my minds, then I am able to focus on my attention to be what I should be.

And leaving a legacy of a person with integrity, passion and wisdom.

With GOD’S help, this I believe I can achieve.J.

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