Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cerebral activity...

when an idea or mindset is alien to you it will never work out.

this apply when we put such ideas :
'must be nice to people'
yet we never experience what it is like,in other words we were never nice to people (well admit it,we all have some kind of weakness in a way). We might be loud or blunt and yes that is the the contrary of being nice to people.

Putting such ideas into your mind will simply go blindly hitting the wall in front of you.
It simply don't work out...such ideas when its never been part of your routine or your characteristic will easily slip away from your mind or worst will conflicting with your own current feelings and makes you feel even awkward when meeting people, then you start stumble over a chair, spilling your drinks or ordering the wrong menu.

This may clash with the elements of 'Law of attraction'. As the subject itself encourage you to empower yourself on ideas that you prefer; that you want to attract. Such as you want better friends, then you have to stop thinking like you're previous friends and kept repeating such thoughts until it goes into your subconscious mind and bring result.
In shorter description of the law of attraction is only think what you want and never think of what you don't want.
But, that is more of a general substance, when we talk about specifically on character or behavior to be exact, it don't always work.

I guess one should be specific on implementing ideas into their mind for example when we need some change in our attitude and wish to be more fond of people, when we realize we are not such person but decided that this change is good for us, then we may start with something more precise such as :
'i should QUIT being hostile to people'
that can be a beginning :). But to enhance the power and strength of the idea itself, note that the word 'QUIT' is in bold an cerebral activity you may repeat that idea in your head while focusing on the QUIT, but never ever overlook the very content of it which is QUIT being hostile.
Perhaps its not guaranteed effective but it may become less alien to you, since you choose to relate such new ideas into your own unique individuality and mental constitution. I mean nobody knows ourself better than us...

Well, folks i think this idea worth a try...unless it's alien to you :)
Happy trying!

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