Monday, November 22, 2010

when im not busy on...

negative thinking pattern.

yeeeaaaa, we'll go back to that sooner or later, but i would like to write something about 'what'..a mix of much what I've been doing currently' the hobby,faith and mindset i upheld for the time being...

yesterday my husband gave me The Look for creeping under the bridge at a strange place while im exploring and experiencing on how to catch a blur effect on the water...
this morning i promised that 'i will not show any act of hostility towards my children(yeah that includes screaming and yelling darlings)
and i discovered the new album from Sami Yusuf.

and now it all sums up to one Agenda ; i need to find a job
1) more liberty in travelling on Saturdays and Sundays to experiment photography...i mean without a job what kind of excuse i manage to come up for my mom in law to babysit my kids.(jobless,sitting at home and a mum of two..."Err...Ma, i need to take some photos by the bay? back in 5 hours ^^..."...she'll hate me in silence...period)
2)being away from home actually has its benefit, your kids will appreciate you more....In a way!...i mean this statement does not include if you're a type of person who is nurturing, soft-spoken and your hobby is..children and your diet consist of home-made cuisine with the possibility of redundancy. But, if you have certain visions of travelling to exotic places while your husband is the semi-paid blue collared government probably thinking searching for other resources is essential.
3)im planing to visit down town to the House of Islam store to purchased (wit me own money)the original Sami Yusuf and Maher Zain CD..instead of being cheeky and downloaded it for free.

to enhance the meaning of this blog post let me share with you some tips on I Luv Islam article, when you're sad,anxious, (in my case)deranged the tips are :
1) reciting Allah
3)Occupied yourself with something(that explains the Agenda above)
4)Express yourself via writing blogs(that triggers me to write today :D )
5)Smile...(the only missing today...will work on it soon!)

and so my friends let us pursue in making ourself live this life completely and happily :)
All the Best folks!

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