Sunday, January 6, 2013

being Mom

I always wanted to watch that animation movie : Brave.
Its not just because her Red hair looks so realistic, but i just feel intrigue by her arrow combine with dresses.

And so i purchased the DVD and showed it to my kids.
Now, it has become my kids favorite selection after, Rio, ParaNorman, Rise of The Guardians and Mickey Mouse.

So in this story, Merida is free-spirited princess who do not want to get married.
But, her cultured mother insist due to tradition.
So, Merida rebel with anger and called her mother 'Beast' and even 'poison' her using witchcraft that turn her into a Bear after their huge fight.

So the first time we watched it, we watch it all four of us (Hubby, Me and the kids)
When its finished, my husband tries to relate the moral into our real life

"Nah...tinguk tu, kalau dia tidak dengar cakap mamy dia...Mamy dia jadi beruang. Kamu mau mamy kamu jadi beruang?" (he's being sarcastic of course...)

After a pause, my kids said 'No'..still, a bit dumbfounded and uncertain.

Later, after watching it repeatedly.
My daughter Tara, develop a defense mechanism. 
A Threat.

Everytime she aware that i was about to get angry.
She asked me a question
"Nah, kalau mamy marah, mamy mau jadi beruang?"

In good tempered, my answer would be 'No...'
And so she would subside into a Moral lecture of her own.
"Nah...kalau mamy tidak mau, Mamy tidak bulih marah-marah"

But during stress with workloads i would answer rigidly 'Yes.'
Then she would quickly grab my arm and said

"eeee! Jangan...Tara mau sayang Mamy"


My....that has a cooling effect to my soul.

And so my friends : 

And with that, i'll always hold my own Mother close to heart.
Regardless how flaw she may be.

That's what my Daughter do.

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