Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Flushed Plump Lips

Recently i just purchased these :

It was highly recommended by my sister that says it was the new trend.
Honestly im not so sure what so hype about it, but when i google, it does kinda trendy at the moment, bloggers made reviews about it.

Actually the main reason i purchased it because, i was crossing the road one day for a movie at 1 Borneo when a car pass us by, in it a girl with her boyfriend, she had this long pretty hair and nicely done complexion. But what struck me most is her lips.
It was kinda bright plumpy in the middle lips and all around the edges is kinda pale.

She was so pretty, and so i thought hmmm,...i wonder how she do it with her lips,and it was out of the ordinary.
I started to wonder how she get the idea to create such lips and finally decide that it might be the latest make up style, then i started to wonder which beauty magazine that publish such trend.

But anyway, the day after that we were going on a road trip to Poring. I was feeling off with the ride and decide to buy fermented food to kill the nausea.
I was planning to buy the white dried lime skins but there were none, so i bought the red dried mango.

I was eating and when i noticed my red fingers from the artificial color i suddenly remember how we used to rub it on our lips when we were kids to make fake lipstick.

So i was eating and rubbing it allover my lips and guess what. This is how it looks:

That is truly without any lipstick, balm or whatsoever.

After the birth of my daughter, i started to have a dark lips pigmentation starting from the top and lower edges of my lips (the peaks and the lining)
Its normal to some mothers to have a skins pigmentation during and after birth.
And too bad for me,its on the lips.

That is why i spent quite a number on lipstick, lip balm, lip conditioner,etc.

After i look at our pictures taken that day i begin to realize that the girl with the pretty lips might be using the same trick ; provided she ate 3-5 pieces of the dried mango just before went out with her boyfriend.

Anyway, i opt for my sisters recommendation with the new Lip Balm from Maybelline.
But i did not deny the fact that the sour junk food really work the magic ^_^

My Ideal kind of lips

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