Monday, February 4, 2013

BIM 2013 & Mt. Climbing Training : Day 3


I trained with my younger brother
He was also interested in the BIM 2013 and so i encourage him to pay before 15 Feb for the early bird rate.

Well...he was ready mentally...
but i must say...not quite physically.

He basically run barefoot with his boxer.

He did try to find a running tight earlier but ended up bought something else.

So we arrive at about 6 :15AM
There were already two people ahead of us.
They look more like an athlete, a man and a woman.

He ; without any warm up just fleet away.
I must say im quite jealous.
Him so young with a lot of stamina.

After warming up i started to run. looking at the time it was about 6 : 27.
I ran lightly just like jogging.
This time is didn't find it so hard. Probably because i was already downloading musics into my handphone.

Songs such as : Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Gnarls Barkley, Temper Trap and Florence & the Machine.

I did well, running a complete 6 lapse non-stop.
My target suppose to be only 5 lapse.

I don't know...probably because when im listening to musics, before the songs emotions did'nt run out too.

While finishing the sixth lapse, my bladder started killing me and so i made a toilet stop.

When i came back, i realize more people turn up this time.

There were about 3 men, i think they're warming up for a basketball game, then 2 matured men, look more like a higher ranking officer, i noticed they were wearing the recent UMS sports team theme windbreaker and a young woman with hijab too!

Probably they were also training for BIM maybe?

After the toilet stop, i decided to continue for few more rounds.

So today?
In total?

10 lapse.

and i can still feel my legs!

My brother finish after...15 Lapse! Non-Stop!.

Then he go on bragging saying i did 10 lapse because i feel intimidated by his achievement. bleh bleh bleh...

But, the truth is, i think its because of the musics that i did not hear myself breathing like a dog under a  scorching sun glare and so i did not feel myself dying!.

Also i feel more secured,not just because i have someone to help looking after my car keys that i put by the bench but also....i have a partner whose making a fool of themselves in the early mornings ^____^

Wow....10 lapse equals to 4KM in about 45 probably 8 KM = 1 hour and a half....
My record last year is 10KM for 1 hour and 37 minutes...hmm that's not good enough...

Oh well...the goal for February is to build stamina, once i have it then we shall accelerate our speed my brother's theory bleh bleh bleh

Well we still have about 3 months to train, we shall see what we are capable of ^_^

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