Friday, December 30, 2011

Human Rights

sometimes human right can be so selfish and arrogant

For the sake of the 'holy' term of the so-called 'human rights' some people deny the very meaning of human.

As an example; to justify himself being gay Elton John wished for a world without religion.

This is because any and ALL religion is against Homosexual-ism.

and later a lawyer in Malaysia who is approaching to her menopause period of her life were trying to validate 'Free Sex' with the propaganda 'Queer without fear'...

Soon a gathering is planed in January 2012 to release one of a left wing political leader from sodomy conviction.

I may not know much about being Gay or being political but i think...human rights gone too far when people have forgotten the true meaning of being human....i mean human is supposed not to have sex similar to animal that doing it with their same gender.


Human is not simply created and born just to praise,adoring and devoted to just another feeble human.

I mean human rights is NOT a religion that people become so obsessed in getting everything they wanted without limit and with justification.

It has been manipulated and becoming a justification for the wrongdoing of some people.

God knows the punishment of some people being gay...but that does not mean that we to have to agree with it...and then these people is getting over the edge pushing others to forgive and accept them.

We could...but they actually wanted something much more. To approve that by law and giving others the liberty to do the same.

A lot of 'human rights' agenda these days is related to homosexualism.

that is sad.

But for what is worth to blog about this...i hope some people will come to their senses and stop making road demonstration this coming January to help release anyone from their own problems.

Its his own challenge in life. He called for it when he decided to rebellious...and remain rebellious.

Maybe we all should just stay home and nurture our faith to God and simply read books about kindness and joy rather than feeling depress, alone and being...'different'...

I noticed that gay people,transvestite or tomboy are those who do not have a big group and different category of friends.

Maybe we should have learned how to mingle rather than struggle to find those who is most likely similar to us.

Lets learn from the movie 'Happy Feet 2'.
When people were left departed or away from a large number group of people...they created a bond between each other and becoming attracted to each other in order to fill in the emptiness of their heart.


When they join with others with different thoughts and needs they would feel less alone since their options is open wide with variety of choices and more keen to open their heart for others to share.

I mean what is good of being gay when a person is on their death bed and started to think...did i did things correctly or did i give up on my first trial.

again...just a tot...

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