Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nokia C6-01

you know that some people treat their handphones like camera and some treat their handphones like a laptop...

Im the second kind. I prefer my handphone is the one that can surf the net, video calling and sending email...well 'Yawn' we heard that all before and millions of people have owned such phone.

I have one more specification about my dream phone.
Its the one that should have a wide and comfortable space for typing....WITH! A VERY LoooooW Price!
Keypad must be indigenous to one word only and fingers don't hit each other while doing it...and so!
Introducing Nokia C6-01

Its also called the smartphones with full touch (that means touchscreen folks...) capabilities and equipped with a technology that improvise on outdoor visibility(thats for the camera dude...)

Great for social networking(thats for Facebook kids...) and made of stainless steel and glass design...uuu how smashing!

Although its released date is way back on 4th November 2010 it is still rather new in Malaysia.
Recently i went for a survey and at the moment the price is RM799....not bad....


i MUST pay my kids nursery registration fee First!

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