Tuesday, December 6, 2011

when Sabahan went to KL

This is what happen when Sabahan went to KL...(KL is also regard as the whole Semenanjung...doesn't matter if one actually went to Johor or Kelantan or Selangor...but some Sabahan still regard it as 'going to KL'...haha)

The last time i ordered for these is last February when one of my ex-colleague went to KL (maybe not exactly KL but...you know...KL) and my other ex-colleague ordered over RM10 worth of buns and i join the game...in short this is the common souvenir from KL that Sabahan brought home.

When i told my sister to bring some of these next year if she came back...she was surprised that...We do not have these in Sabah...i don't know but i never seen these anywhere in Kota Kinabalu so i assume the whole Sabah does not market these...i don't know why...hmm...

I was excited to find that the whole bag is filled with these buns..so is my kids...but within 2 days...they started playing with their food : leaving traces of half-eaten buns and empty packets under the sofa...

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