Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tertangkap jua akhirnya!

if you aware about this young might have read his stealing adventures in the news for some time. This teenager has been out for a burglary spree and has been avoided police for..THREE years!

Colton di zaman kegemilangannya

But!...he's caught!..and Colton Harris-Moore AKA the 'Barefoot Bandit' is getting 7 years of jail
although the judge seems to show mercy on him by giving 7 years instead of 10 years(due to his rough childhood).. im not so sure of his victims.

Walau bagaimanapun adik Colton kita ni seorang yang menyayangi binatang dan pernah meninggalkan nota dan uang berjumlah USD100 ke pusat shelter binatangyang  terbiar.

Namun begitu beliau juga pernah mencuri Kapal Layar...yes...HE STOLE A YACHT worth USD450,000.

selain itu beliau juga merompak office...kereta CADDILAC ESCALADE, a truck and mostly other vehicles..oh and also a PLANE!.

macam mana? kesian ka tidak?...

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