Saturday, December 10, 2011

White hair

i suppose white hairs can come as a surprise to some people..but not to me tho'...i've been having white hairs since like 14 or 16 years old i don't really remember..and occasionally having it through the years...

I also have the habit of picking out frizzle local language 'rambut gatal'.
I  have this skills of selecting frizzle hair from normal hair based from touching senses thru my forefinger and thumb and pluck it and later running my fingers through it over and over again until i became satisfied...

This particular habit starts since im 17 years old during waiting for two months for my SPM result...My dad were so tired of it and advised me to cut my hair...

So this habit continues...and this year. To mark my 30'th years old...i found more and more white hairs throughout the year...and to even more emphasize the age of 30. I found more amount  than usual; white hairs as my official 30'th birthday comes around the corner.

The day before it was just at the top of my right was an inch short, stubby, thick, curly and...ugly!
I showed to my husband and he simply congratulate me. ...yeah.

White hairs always associated with wisdom..(not to mention age...and stressed). So do i feel wiser?well...not clearly.
But i certainly feel...Matured..(...older seriously matured huhu...)
Well in truth i did feel some kind of it reminded me of what i have become and how i have changed.
But scientifically its caused by lack of Melanin and Pigmentation.

And so this just struck me to look at my hair in the mirror while in the bathroom.
One stroke....i found a soft silver strand of hair...right there....a single white hair in a clump of black hair.
I pluck it.
I stroke my hair again.
...and...another one.
then...another one....

In total of 15 minutes i found 5 strands of white hair.
I showed it to my husband and...he congratulate me again...(my husband has white hair genetics and started having a lot of whiter hair as young as 13 years old...well he can congratulate me forever.)
not my picture tho'...

I threw it to the bin and went inside the bathroom again.
For 20 minutes....i found another 4 strands of white hair...

It was...horrifying! a way but in another mindset...Time is really catching up.
Better finish the undone and start the dreams into action.


remind me to get back to my plans...and drafting the complete and final goals for next year.

So as a conclusion...i love my hair.
It has pretty silver linings here and there...^_^ save budget on any new hairstyle.
maybe someday become like this?...

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