Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bahana Melancong Sendirian


Jika anda melancong atau pergi ke luar negara bersendirian.

Berhati-hati sewaktu tinggal di hotel.

Pastikan anda memaklum kan receptionist bahawa anda tidak melancong bersama orang lain.

Seorang ahli perniagaan dari New York menjalankan urusan perniagaan ke Helsinki, Finland. Beliau didekati oleh seorang lelaki yang berminat akan beliau,

When you're traveling alone. Be sure to inform the receptionist that you do not have any company.

Be Warned.

Allison Fournier is a New York businesswoman who travels to Helsinki,Finland for business and stayed in the Hotel Kamp yang di kelola oleh syarikat Starwood Hotels.

A guy attracted to her and she refused him.

Later that night the drunken men went to the receptionist and claims that he was her husband. The receptionist kindheartedly handed out her room key!

Luckily she was only molested and manage to grab her jacket and ran screaming from the room.

What a nightmare....she is currently suing the hotel and i hope she win.

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