Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thoughts sharing for today

Malay Version :

Perkongsian Ilmu hari ini : Kecurangan Vs Kejayaan

People who spends time in promiscuity.
Like a married men falling in love with another woman,
A single woman looking for more than one boyfriend
A married woman who hoped a better man deserves her love, because her husband did not love her much
A single men who kept looking and looking for Ms Right.

are an example of people who does not pursue success in life.

im sorry ...its the truth.

People who focus on making success in life ; DOES not mingle over emotional state of mind rather focus on what they can do about their life using...their head,resources and heart of course.

But, people who wouldn't care much about making achievements such as to be a writer or to study art or to become better than they can be...they would end up or slip away into such emotional state that they feel their heart is empty and must be filled with the joy of romance and attention.

They eventually caught up with the excitement of doing it in secrecy.
That's the very essence of a scandalous relationship.
Although the excitement of keeping the love secretly excites them, little did they know it does more damage than good to their emotional being.


Eventually...instead of wanting to be people who live their life like a pair of butterfly floating on the air drunk with love.

They will soon become miserable and feel even more lonely in life.

These thought are combination of assessment i got from watching some Hindi movie and reading Anthony Robbins book. advice : Pursue Success. Be the BEST you can be. Be HAPPY and GRATEFUL with your current partner unless they really having an attitude problem. Stop looking for emotional bandage but rather LIVE YOUR LIFE. Your success, your dreams and your FAITH.

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