Friday, January 13, 2012

Interior Design for Mrs. Nura and Mr. D.J Nordin

We moved into our apartment just about a week before my first child were born.
That was in 2007.

Back then everything seems incomplete...not just in the terms of tools and budget but also in the terms of thoughts.

We never realize (for 5 years....'mighty Troll!') that the fridge could actually located in the kitchen itself.So what we did was...we put it just next to the left hand side of the main door which is directly connected with the living room!

Which means people have the mercy to accidentally saw whats for our dinner for that night anytime anyone opens the fridge door.

My neighbour kids is also the audit officer of our groceries and occasionally make spot check into our fridge.

After a while...(meaning 5 years)....i have Decided.

We MUST look into this matter seriously i told my dear husband.
Looking at my stern face. My husband agrees to play along...

So there i go with my plans...
1) Fridge sits in kitchen.
2) Computer table replace it.
3) Bought another cabinet for my kids (due to their clothing and books and coloring pen has mysteriously
     find their places around the house especially the dining table)
4) Throw useless items from the kitchen cabinet and throw away useless books which happens to be mostly
     my scribble notebooks.
5) Replace broken kitchen cabinets-bolts

Then my husband play further and this is what happens :
1) Bought 4 meter wire with plug for the fridge extension
2) Increase the height of the fridge by adding a stool
3) Replace broken kitchen cabinet stool
4) Tighten the screws of the computer table

And all this have been done from 5pm to 12 midnight!
I am seriously wanting a new 'feelin' into my home soon ^_^

Incoming project is to build a custom made cabinet
1) in the kitchen for pans and wok
2) third room for storage items
3) toilet for books.

I got back pain for the next two days...but the best i no longer have to expose the content of my fridge to all the visitors everytime i refill the salad during Hari Raya haha!

That's the main door and computer table is where fridge used to be.

Finally Master bedroom has its own Tv!

More spacious and i could see the floor!and see the length of the curtain!

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